Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Treks and Food

Dr Atkins move over, there is a new diet on town...its cheap, works quickly and you will literally feel yourself losing inches round the waist. i like to call it the ´kosher / vegetarian abroad´ diet, or as it may become to be known ´Bender´s diet´. It comes into its own on 3 day ship journeys followed by 4 day hikes. It comprises a huge 200g of Dairy Milk, 4 pot noodles that Tanya kindly left, 4 packets of Kosher crackers that i had saved from the plane journey (they are long life ones.)

But you shouldn’t think that its been all healthy stuff...before the trek, we bought a big packet of Dulche de Leche ( an Argentinean specialty of milk, nougat and caramel) It just goes to show how a healthy diet of sweet stuff interspersed with pasta, rice and the odd baguette and veggie food from a restaurant that doesn’t serve pork and shellfish can help you lose weight.

The Trek itself was really great a experience. 4 days and 60km of walking uphills, down valleys, through scenery that words cant really do justice - lakes of blue, green and grey, snow peaked mountains and vanilla blue sky stretching as far as the eye can see.

Camping at night, Glaciers, llamas, we even saw the back of a puma. I spent the trek with a group of 12 Israelis (well 10 Israelis, me and one Australian Jehova witness...there are some questions that just don’t have good answers to them), spoke lots of Hebrew, played lots of BA type campfire games and learnt lots of slang.

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