Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Southern Patagonia

Since the last installment, i have spent 3 days on a boat sailing through the Patagonian fjords (which sounds a lot better than it was), spent time in Puerto Natales, done a 4 day trek and arrived back in Argentina, where i rented a car with people i met and went to see a Glacier.

Puerto Natales is a cute town sitting aside a lake in Southern Chile, with big square windows (in the winter there is very little sun) and painfully slow internet access. I arrived not knowing anyone and a bit worried about who i was going to meet, but as things often do, everything turned out well and good.

I had arrived a bit panicky and worried , but have had a fantastic week and met some really great people. I stayed in a hostel run my Chuan, a Chilean guy who spent 7 months in Israel and speaks fluent hebrew...i have to say that nothing really surprises me anymore... a few stories and thoughts which you will hopefully be good enough to tell me you find funny or interesting.

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