Sunday, November 13, 2005

Patagnonian Wildlife

if you've ever read guide books about Argentina and Chile you would be aware of the wide range of animal life in the area, the penguins, the whales, the birds. So far, i have come across two main types of species, dogs and horses.

Dogs and Phrases
the phrase let sleeping dogs lie could have been coined in Argentina, when it was perhaps shortened from the good advice of 'keep sleeping, limping and rabid dogs as far away from you as possible.' To imagine the amount of stray dogs here, think cats in Israel, double it and give each dog a slightly different limp and you get close to the picture here.

Horses and Metaphors
i was told by the guide that horses are just like women, treat them well, but wack them every now and then to show them who is in charge. Clearly being a new age 21st century sensitive guy i treated my horse with only kindness and respect...yet it constantly took adavantage of me, stopping every few minutes to eat - what does that say about the fairer sex?

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