Sunday, November 13, 2005

Argentina and Chile - The Lakes

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If a week is a long time in politics (as im sure Shimon Peres thinks it is) then it is even longer when you are away from home, spending lots of time outside and looking for activities. In the past week, we have done a couple of tiyulim, rafting, spas, met many Israelis (some of whom did combat units, others who sat in jail for left wing refusal) and on Thursday i climbed an active Volcano called Villarica which is definitely one of the highlights so far of the trip.

i have just spent Shabbat with an Israeli couple who have cabanas (cabins, rather than sausages) in Pucon, Chile. I think Shabbat is always hard being away from family and friends, but being in a quiet place with the sun shining, with views of the Andes on the one hand and Volcano Villarica on the other is not such a bad alternative. The past week we moved from Bariloche, a fantastically beautiful place of lakes, snow capped mountain - the kind of place that looks like a postcard, and you can close your eyes, open them again, and you still dont quite believe you are there, to Pucon in Chile also very picturesque and quite with lots of options for activities.

Please find below a few thoughts on the holiday so far and having been here almost 2 weeks, i feel at liberty to be able to advise potential travelles on the dos and donts of South America

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