Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday Tel Aviv Torah: Encountering God - Avraham and the Birah Doleket

What happens the moment before God speaks to Avraham for the first time?

What is it that Avraham sees or does that convinces God to enter into dialogue with him, to create a covenant between them?

Does it provide us with any clues as to how we can encounter the divine in our own lives?

This week we studied a Midrash about Avraham that suggests different ways in which people can hear God's voice. The Shiur included guest appearances from Jewish philosopher Maimonides, English poet Wordsworth, Talmudic heretic Elisha Ben Abuya and author of ‘The God gene’.

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aderes@@ Israeli Uncensored News said...

it is very interesting, i am also curious to know -if person good just in relations with another human being, but does not shomer mizvot about relations person- G-d, how to bring such person to understanding of importance of those mizvot? abraam realised that G-d is exist byhimself-without any help...