Sunday, November 06, 2005

Is Argentina Israel in disguise?

Talking about being Israeli (we are yet to see lots of them although there are signs up in Hebrew) the similarities between Argentinians and Israelis are somewhat uncanny.

I know that an early Zionist congress decided against mass immigration to Argentina, but a century on there are many similarities. In addition to the dark complexion, I thought that it was only Israelis who ignored plane stewardesses asking them to turn off laptops or not get up before the plane has actually ground to a halt. Stranger still was the widespread clapping as our plane touched down in Buenos Aires.

Add to that the Kosher McDonalds and the absolutely crazy driving and I sometimes think my Aliya has started early.

In contrast, things couldn’t be more different to England. Hardly anyone speaks English, there is lots of PDA´s (Public Displays of affection) it is hot and sunny in November and the Falkands War is a big deal here….if asked best to say you are Australian.

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