Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Politics and Arguments

For those who read the first posting on this blog, you would know that it wasn’t supposed to be about politics…But what to do – I live in Israel, its elections in two weeks, its something that everyone talks about, and for the past month I have been working in the Foreign Press Section of the Kadima Party.

I should probably start with a word of warning about those wanting to enter Israeli politics – if you mix in religious Zionist circles, shy away from arguments about politics, and generally don’t like conflict with people, you probably shouldn’t work for Kadima…

But I came to Israel wanting to work in some sort of political / governmental niche, I realized that the elections offered some sort of opportunity, and with a bit of self promotion and noodging of people, I started updating Kadima’s English website and arranging interviews for the foreign press a few weeks after I started at ulpan.

So whilst not wanting to make this blog into party propaganda, i will say that any election campaign that has a full on lesbian kiss in the political broadcasts (Green Leaf - the legalise marijuana party - the headline was 'we have other aspirations aswell') can't be that bad. And if you're not sure who to vote for, this website has come up with an easy way (for ivrit speakers) to decide who to cast their vote for.

enjoy the campaign - and remember that whoever wins, we will probably still be complaining over shabbat dinner about the state the country is in for the forseeable future

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