Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Slang and Games

For those who may be interested, the word ben-zona is not just a rude word - it can also be used to express how good something is. The closest equivalence is probably like the old skool meaning of wicked or the subtle difference between something being ´bollocks´ or ´the bollocks´. If you ask me, its probably safer to steer clear of such potentially ambiguous phrases. I reckon i probably understood about 85-90% of what everyone was saying.

Unfortunately i fear that those missing percentages held the key parts of theconversation.

In addition, for anyone interested, i found an Israeli equivalent to Father Abraham called Doda Tova (aunty Tova). Apart from the fact that she has 7 chickens instead of sons, and that they neither sleep nor eat, there isnt a huge amount of difference between versions. Anyone seriously thinking about Aliya but is being put off by the thought they may not understand Israeli campfire songs - dont worry - you will manage fine.

Going on another trek tomorrow and after that not sure what i will do...but am slowly slowly getting used to and enjoying the not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

Hope to see you all soon


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