Monday, October 31, 2005

Getting Started

Like many things in life, (girls, fashion sense, general hygeine) i got into the idea of blogs quite late. I mean the idea of posting thoughts on the web that other peope may be interetsed in is a little presumptious...but then everyone is doing it, and i am going travelling and then making Aliya so its sort of an excuse.

I've done a bit of research on bloggers. Some post most days, others intermittently. Some copy and paste articles (which is sort of cheating no?), whilst other discuss cringeworthy dates. Most have three words tops for their title, but my imagination is not what it used to be and i'm stuck with seven (and i'm not even there for another two months) Hopefully this wont become a forum for rubbish political statements or boring stories about Argentinian bus drivers but instead will serve as a platform to share experiences and images as i enter a new stage in my life.

or then again maybe not; where's that bus stop?

1 comment:

nooman said...

Your secret is out!! Gila told me :)